1/11/14 - The Wrecking Ball, Jump-Start Theater, San Antonio, TX

Thanks to the entire Jump-Start staff, Marisela Barrera, S.T.Shimi, Urban-15, Alamotion, Aerial Horizon, Angels of Elegance, Aaron Richmond-Havel, Black Orchid, Buttercup, Mike Ryan & Coyote Dreams, Mitch Webb & the Swindles, Jaime Ramirez, Conjunto Taller, Lisa Suarez, Erik Bosse, Jesse Borrego, Paint by Numbers, Zombie Bazaar, Eli Rios, Paul Harford, Anthony Flores, San Antonio Dance Fringe, Doyle Avant, Anna de Luna, Mellissa Marlowe, Paul Bonin-Rodriguez, Janie Sauceda, Jump-Start Flaming Fire-Eaters, Kitty Williams, and everyone who came out to celebrate. It was a ton of fun!

Hyperbubble live at the Wrecking Ball

Photo by J. Ramirez - Current Magazine

Hyperbubble with Stylophone

Photo by Thomas La Homme

Theater Wall

Jump-Start Theater wall graffiti photo by Jeff