11/22/14 - Hyperbubble live at Helen Love's "Does Your Heart Go Boom" Festival, The Lexington, London, England

Special thanks to Helen Love, Ricardo Autobahn, Trevor Oddbox, Chi Ming Lai, The Lovely Eggs, Phill Jupitus, Manda Rin, Alphi, and the high energy audience that made this sold out show pure pop heaven!

Hyperbubble in London

Putting the Moog in Moorgate - Photo by Jess

Hyperbubble in London

Jess rocks the Lexington - Photo by Trev

Hyperbubble in London

Hyperbubble live in London - Photo by Trev

Hyperbubble in London

Jess jamming on a mini-Theremin - Photo by Trev

Hyperbubble + Ricardo Autobahn + Helen Love + Diva Schematic

Jeff backstage with Ricardo Autobahn, Helen Love, and Diva Schematic - Photo by Jess

Hyperbubble and Phill Jupitus

Hyperbubble backstage with Phill Jupitus AKA Porky the Poet - Photo by Helen Love

Hyperubble live in London badges by Manda Rin of Wee Badgers

Hyperbubble London concert badges designed by Jeff DeCuir.
Badge photo by Kent Gutschke.
Manufactured by Manda Rin's company, Wee Badgers!

Hyperubble live in London

Does Your Heart Go Boom festival audience - video still

Hyperubble live in London

Jeff in the London Underground - Photo by Jess