Hyperbubble Live in London CD release

Pure Pop for Now People Records, Germany
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New Hyperbubble CD!

When Jess and Jeff rode their bucking Moog broncos into London town to play a sold-out show at The Lexington, the Brits received a Texas-sized blast of Hyperbubble hits. "Live in London" captures this high-energy performance with a You-Are-There excitement that never lets up.

While synthpop is often categorized as controlled, sterile, and, frankly, wimpy music, "Live in London" sounds like The Ramones playing on instruments borrowed from Kraftwerk: Throbbing synths and aggressive beats are complemented by melodic vocals and catchy choruses.

The "Live in London" CD comes lovingly packaged in a full color digipak, and includes photos and memorabilia from the concert. This is a high-quality stereo recording of the entire performance...and you have front row seats! So pop it in, crank it up, and witness that little ‘ol synth duo from Texas serenading London with a heapin’ helpin’ of space-age technorock.

New Hyperbubble CD!