Dee Dee Rocks the Galaxy soundtrack CD release

Pure Pop for Now People Records, Germany
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New Hyperbubble soundtrack CD!

Dee Dee Rocks the Galaxy, is a B-Movie blast of fun; A synth rock opera combining Flash Gordon and The Wizard Oz with the role of Dorothy played by a 21st Century Riot Grrrl. The film premiered in 2014 at The 48 Hour Film Fest in San Antonio, with Hyperbubble winning first place for Best Musical Score. In the tradition of Prince’s soundtrack to Batman, Hyperbubble recorded additional material inspired by the film.

Through the insertion of dialogue throughout the album, the listener is lead through the tale of Dee Dee’s adventures on Planet Theremin, climaxing in a musical battle between Dee Dee, the evil Emperor Korg, and his Guitar Ninjas. In many ways, the album is a movie unto itself, because the overall story can be imagined without ever seeing the actual film. That said, you’ll still want to check out the online edit of the film provided in the album’s liner notes.

For Dee Dee Rocks the Galaxy, Hyperbubble set their barrage of synthesizers, Theremin, Stylophone and Vocoder to “Kill” and take a variety of stylistic approaches: “Galaxy A Go-Go” and “Moog Manoeuvers” are multilayered funk machines, while “Runaway Love Slave” solely consists of electronic percussion. “Video Vortex” and “Planet Theremin” are ethereal and atmospheric, while “Dee Dee’s Theme” and “Kill Zone Kid” sound like what would happen if Motorhead changed their name to Moogerhead.

The album's climax, “Showdown in Space” features two firsts for Hyperbubble. It’s the first time actual film characters do the singing. It’s also the first time a guitar appears on a Hyperbubble album, though band members Jess and Jeff disavow it’s use, pointing out that they didn’t play it, the evil Guitar Ninjas did.

The Sci-fi genre seems perfectly suited to Hyperbubble, and they certainly appear to be having tons of fun on this album. Pure Pop For Now People Records invites you to join in the fun and teleport along with Dee Dee to Jess and Jeff’s unpredictable world of spaced out sounds.